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Hard Floor Maintenance


Hard Floor Maintenance

Do you have very grubby, well trafficked hard floors in your building? Well look no further. At GCS we offer a superb service. We can strip, scrub and reseal your hard floors bringing them back to life and leaving that mirror shine.

We use only the best chemicals, strippers and polishes. GCS also offer a regular maintenance service for your hard floors, keeping that perfect shine using the most up to date buffing machines and chemicals. This can be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Attractive, well maintained floors will undoubtedly enhance your professional image, while providing a clean, safe working environment that assists in terms of your Health & Safety requirements.

Frequently Ask Questions

How long will the works take?

That depends entirely on the size of the floor and what work is required, for straightforward works of cleaning and sealing  to standard size areas ,we usually complete the works within 1 working day.

Is the cleaning process very disruptive?

As a general rule the process can be a bit noisy when the machines are working as they have powerful extraction vacuums that can be noisy. The process is contained within the works area and surrounding surfaces protected so not much mess to worry about. We do require a clear area to work within and for access throughout the works without any disturbances to the process.

I have under floor heating, will it a affect the cleaning?

We request that the under floor heating is shut down a few hours before our visit and not started again until the process is complete and any seal has fully cured.


Will you move the furniture?

We do require the areas to be cleared of all movable furniture as best as possible, heavy items that are not movable can often be worked around.