Hard Floor Maintenance

Are your hard floors looking grubby or worn? It’s easy for surfaces to pick up all sorts of stains, dirt and grime, especially in well-trafficked areas. At GCS Services, we provide professional hard floor maintenance solutions, coming out to both domestic and commercial premises to freshen up your stairwells, corridors, communal spaces and other rooms.

Our team travels across Surrey, London, Kent and Middlesex, providing regular and one-off cleaning services.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning – Why Choose Us?

  • REVIVE YOUR SPACES – Bring your hard floors back to life, giving them a ‘mirror shine’ that leaves spaces looking and feeling cleaner.

  • STRIP, SCRUB & RESEAL – We remove old layers of wax and dirt from the surface before resealing your hard floors.

  • ADVANCED CLEANING METHODS – We only use the best chemicals, strippers and polishes for the ultimate results.

  • HARD FLOOR PROTECTION – Regular cleaning and maintenance can help your hard floors last longer while protecting them from irreversible damage.

  • REGULAR FLOOR MAINTENANCE – As well as one-off jobs, we offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly hard floor cleaning to maintain that perfect shine.

Our Cleaning Services – Restore the Appearance of Your Hard Floors


Floors are often the first thing people notice when they enter a building or place of work. Attractive and well-maintained floors will enhance your professional image while providing a working environment that’s clean and safe. Create the best impression for visitors and customers by keeping your hard floors as clean as possible. This also helps you to meet your health and safety responsibilities as a commercial property manager.


At GCS Services, we come out to all types of commercial premises, including schools, nurseries, hospitals, offices, hotels, kitchens, churches, hospitality, gyms, care homes, nurseries and more, ensuring your hard floors are as clean as they can be in such well-used facilities.

Our cleaning operatives strip, scrub and reseal floors to breathe life into tired-looking areas. We use the most up-to-date buffing machines and chemicals to uplift the appearance of your hard floors, removing unsightly marks, restoring shine and removing other contaminants. Hard floor resealing can help to protect against the effects of constant foot traffic, dirt, scratches, spills and discolouration.

Hard floor maintenance can be provided as part of your communal cleaning package or as a standalone service. We also offer commercial cleaning via our dedicated facilities management services.


Are your home’s hard floors looking tired? It’s amazing how much flooring can affect our property’s overall look and feel, creating welcoming and comfortable spaces when well-maintained. Revitalise dull and worn hard surfaces with a restorative service, giving your floors the care they deserve.

At GCS Services, we offer domestic hard floor cleaning, making these surfaces easier to maintain and keeping them hygienic. Whether it’s a large entrance hall, kitchen or entire home, we can restore your hard floors and keep them looking their best. We also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning to uplift your floors.

Choose our hard floor cleaning as a singular service or combine it in one easy contract with any other solutions you require, including waste and recycling.

Our FAQs

Each hard floor maintenance job will vary in length, depending on the size of the flooring and the work required.

For a straightforward hard floor clean and reseal, works are usually completed within a day.

While our advanced machines and powerful extraction vacuums can be a bit noisy when in use, we strive to keep disruptions to a minimum.

We just require clear access to ensure we complete the work efficiently.

We ask that areas are cleared of moveable furniture as much as possible. Any heavy items that can’t be moved will be worked around.

We request that underfloor heating is switched off a few hours before our visit and not started again until the process is complete, waiting until any seal has fully cured.

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