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Communal Cleaning

The Communal/Block areas of homes and offices are tough to keep clean due to the general traffic walking through. These highly travelled areas collect dirt very easily. This is the area that guests or potential clients see as they walk through the front door. Keeping this area clean is absolutely essential.

We also cover regular window cleaning for all blocks internally and externally, carpet cleaning, car park cleaning, waste bin areas cleaning etc. We also provide our gardening service to keep the grounds looking good all year round.

Additionally, all services include toilet sanitising and cleaning, hardwood floor polishing, polish and dusting of skirting boards, window frames and main windows, carpet vacuuming, door and frame treatments, and mopping of floors.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is incluided in communal area cleaning?

You can tailor your package to suite your requirements but here is a list of common tasks we undertake:

  • Thorough dusting and antibacterial wet-wiping of fixtures, surfaces and woodwork

  • Vacuuming of carpeted, wood and vinyl floors

  • Mopping and rinsing of hard floors

  • Buffing of vinyl and wooden floors (if applicable)

  • Cleaning of coffee machines, kettles and appliances

  • Cleaning of communal toilets and replenishment of toilet rolls, paper towels and soaps

  • Removal of litter

  • Spot cleaning of glass stairwells and entrance areas


Can I alter my cleaning schedule and tasks at anytime?

Yes. We are very flexible and cleaning schedules can be altered or upgraded at any time. Tasks can be added or removed as needed and the number of cleans can be increased or decreased. Just contact one of our friendly staff to organise any alterations.

What areas do you cover?

We proudly serve businesses, residential properties, schools and more across Surrey and the South East.


What time of the day do you clean?

It is important that cleaning does not affect your working day, so our cleaners are available to work around your business hours either before or after the working day.