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facilities management 


facilities management 

Supply & install all types of licensed roofing systems throughout the UK consisting of flat and pitched roofing products from our traditional division, Single ply waterproofing, Solar and Green Roofs from our Eco-friendly division, Integrity testing/core sampling from our Leak detection team and Warm-roof build-ups, Vapour control Layer and U-value specialist installers from our New-build Roofing division.

We use our own scaffolding company to access the projects where needed for protection to the existing buildings/properties and meeting with today’s Health & Safety standards, we are fully insured for up to £10 million in public liability. All new Flat roofing systems come with a 20 year instalment guarantee and repair works carried out are issued with a 5 year repair guarantee, newly installed Roofing systems are also covered with a product warranty insurance backed (IBG).

Roofing systems in all aspects of the industry including, Single ply waterproofing, Built-up Felt systems, Asphalt, Liquids, Pitched roofing, Lead-work, Green Roofs, Powder coated metal fabrications using the whole RAL spectrum, Solar and Leak detection. Integrity roof testing with pinpoint accuracy, visual and manual probe inspections, quality control survey’s and evidence reports to explain reasoning behind water ingress to properties and how the leaks are occurring.

    • Most British and European standard Roofing Systems

    • Single ply PVC membranes 

    • Built up bitumen felt

    • Liquid or painted on membranes

    • Hot melt

    • Asphalt

    • Natural and Man-made Slate Roofs

    • Clay and concrete pitched Tile elevations

    • Solar maintenance and Green Roof consultancy


Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) can also be used to confirm that a newly installed flat roof membrane is watertight.(Ideal before a Green roof install or internal works are about to commence in a New-build development)

Benefits of the testing and Surveying include:

  • Compatible with the majority of roof membranes

  • Non-invasive (no damage caused to the membrane or other roofing systems)

  • Detects even pinhole leaks

  • Quick and efficient

  • Easy to remedy

  • Cost effective repairs

  • Full report issued by an accredited QCI (Quality control inspector)


Typical applications include flat roofs, balconies, and bay windows. Commercial applications include car park roofs, and bridge decking.

We carry out core sampling to determined whether Vapour barriers are present beneath Warm-roof constructions, the correct  systems have been fitted to manufacturers requirements and to the build specification.

Moisture testing internally and externally to carry out trace surveys to properties/building’s that have water ingress either from the Roofs leaking or poorly sealed reveals, windows, canopy’s, Parapet walls, brickwork etc.